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Not only do we know how to market a tattoo shop, we are also covered in ink ourselves...  Just sayin'...

Having a tattoo business is a little bit different than running other businesses, as an artist and a professional, you need to promote not just yourself, but also your business as a whole by offering unique designs and techniques that make you stand out from the crowd.

At the end of the day you are a business though, and all businesses need to market their services, so potential customers looking for new tattoos can find you. An online presence is very important in this day and age, so it is a must that you promote yourself online.

It is very important that you think about how exactly you are going to market yourself and your business. Let’s talk about why it is so important and give you some ideas of where and what to promote. 


Marketing is so important for the success of a business. It doesn’t only just build brand awareness, but if done correctly it can increase sales, engage your customers so they will come back, but also help your business flourish more. 

If you don’t have proper digital marketing in place for your business, potential customers will not be aware of who you are therefore you will lose the opportunity to become more successful! Surely you want that chance to be discovered by your target market, right?


a badass WEBSITE

One of first places to start with your marketing would be to get yourself a website. On the site it is important to have service pages to tell people what you offer, but also have a contact page and a gallery of your work, so you can show people how good your tattooing is. You will want a site that is easy to update, so make sure you get a website built on a user friendly platform such as WordPress so you can update anything you would like without having to pay for small changes with a web designer. 

Local SEO

FACEBOOK marketing

Facebook is a very important platform to use because of the volume of people who use it daily.  Not only can you invite people to share your facebook page, you can also create ads using targeting settings to reach people who haven’t liked the page. 

INSTAGRAM  marketing

Instagram is a great way to promote your visually pleasing photos, given the nature of the platform. Share your new designs or work you’ve done, photos of the team to build a trust and credibility. Think about what will make you stand out from the crowd – post this!

PINTEREST marketing

Pinterest has only really developed as a popular platform in the past few years, but it has become really popular in the creative sector – especially tattoos. With Pinterest, you can create boards that include your work, but you can also create boards with inspiration from other tattoo designers and trends on them. By doing this, this will help you to reach more people, and also get a larger audience.

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