Where we came from

In 2011, I (Kirk Musick) was living in Roanoke, VA working towards my masters degree in internet marketing.  As a cohort project, I used a fictitious company called iNovate Marketing as my project company.  Little did I know that this project would soon become my life and my passion.  About a year later and with more clients than I knew what to do with, I found myself having to move back to TN for family reasons.  This move soon led to the eventual sale of the agency to a group in Wisconsin.  Soon after the sale of the agency, I quickly began having the feeling of being lost, having no real purpose.  This drive and need for purpose soon came to life with Octane.  

When I created Octane, I knew I wanted something special, something different.  

jaymie wilhoit


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kirk musick, ms


Air Force Veteran serving in Operation Southern Watch in many areas throughout the Middle East during the aftermath of Desert Storm.  Kirk Musick has built and operated many companies throughout his tenure while obtaining his MBA, MS Internet Marketing and a BS in Business Administration. 

a few past  clients...