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We are a dynamic
team of creative people and Marketing Experts.

Who we are…  Besides being the best at what we do…

OCTANE Marketing is the result of hundreds, if not thousands of hours of screen time, trend watching, number crunching, and tough decisions. 

OCTANE specializes in Web Dev, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Branding, and SEO. We do not offer hundreds of services, we focus on a handful of services and do it very, very well.

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Our Projects

bibee law

Nrv floorsanding

Micah fraim, CPA

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Our Team

Kirk Musick, MS

Founder and managing partner.

Lenny Davenport, MS

Full Stack Web Dev

Jaymie wilhoit

Office psychologist and HR

Kane Blevens

App Dev and Video

Bob Cranwell

Brand Director

Jamie Hill

VP of Sales

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